How to fit a thermostatic shower mixer

How to install a shower mixer in 30 minutes

In this guide, I’ll walk you through installing a thermostatic bar mixer shower, offering insights into potential mistakes and helpful tips to make the DIY experience smoother. Building on the foundational knowledge from the instructional video by @bandq on YouTube, this blog aims to provide a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of the installation process. 

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Prepare your installation kit

Thermostatic Shower Mixer Installation Tools Needed to Prepare
(Thermostatic Shower Mixer Installation Tools Needed to Prepare)

Before you jump into installing, make sure you’ve got all your tools ready. Some thermostatic shower mixers come with a basic toolkit, but for others, you might need extras like a handheld drill. To keep it simple, here’s a list of must-have tools, no matter which brand of thermostatic shower mixer you’re working with.

  • Water Pump Pliers
  • Tape Measure
  • Drill
  • Adjustable Spanner(adjustable which opens up to 32mm)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Copper Pipe Cutter(If you are replacing an old shower mixer, you don’t need this)
  • Spirit Level/Small Spirit Level(Same as Pipe Cutter)
  • General Purpose Bit
  • Pencil(For marking)

Get your Thermostatic Shower Mixer set

All the components needed for a thermostatic bath set
All the components needed for a thermostatic bath set
(All the components needed for a thermostatic bath set)

Information you need to know before installation

Before we dive into the installation, you’ll need to snag yourself a thermostatic shower mixer set (or maybe wait for Santa to drop one by). If you’re still in the dark about which brand to go for or scratching your head wondering what in the world a thermostatic shower mixer is, check out my other blog, “What is a Thermostatic Shower Mixer” It breaks down how it all works and spills the beans on everything you need to know before pulling the trigger. I’ve got you covered with a list of all the parts in a basic kit too, so you’ll know the ropes before making that purchase.

  • Shower Mixer/Controls(Parts that control the mixing of hot and cold water)
  • Wall Brackets
  • Concealing Plates
  • Shower Head & Flexi Hose
  • Filter Washers
  • Hose Retainer
  • Top Bracket
  • Middle Bracket

In addition to these components you’ll be using, there’s some information you’ll need to know before installation about your water system, plumbing configuration, and installation space that’s also important to the process.

  • Water Pressure: Check your home’s water pressure. Thermostatic bath mixers thrive in specific pressure ranges. If it’s too low or high, you might need a pressurized valve.
  • Plumbing System Type: Pin down your plumbing system type (e.g., gravity-fed, combi boiler). Installation tweaks might be needed based on the system. (In the blog “What is the best thermostatic mixer shower for a combi boiler?” I have detailed how to choose the right thermostatic shower mixer for a combi boiler, which I believe will help you.)
  • Hot and Cold Water Supplies: Locate hot and cold water supplies in your bathroom. It’s crucial intel when hooking up your thermostatic bath mixer.

  • Pipe Size and Material: Examine your pipes’ size and material. Confirm your thermostatic bath mixer aligns with them.

Step by step installation

Step.1—Measuare Your Pipes

Make sure you’ve turned off your plumbing valves before it all starts.

Measuring the distance between two water pipes before installing a thermostatic bath mixer is crucial to ensure a proper fit,The usual UK standard pitch is 150mm, so make sure your thermostatic bath mixer meets this before you buy.

(Measuring the distance between water pipes)

Step.2—Cover Tiles with mask Tape

Before making holes, cover them with protective tape, generally suitable for most environments. If your walls are tiled or fragile, skip the drill and use a screwdriver. If you still can’t be sure, for added caution, test-punch a piece of tile, similar to your wall material, to ensure it won’t crack before making any holes.

(Cover Tiles With Masking Tape To Prevent The Drill Slipping)

Step.3—Install Wall Bracket & Make Hole For Drilling

First, attach the wall bracket to the cold water pipe separately. Use a pencil to mark the screw holes, indicating where you’ll need to drill later on.

Tips: Before drilling, ensure that the screws are positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock relative to the water pipe. Avoid drilling at 12 and 6 o’clock to prevent damage to the plumbing in the wall.

Mark Hole For Drilling
(Mark Hole For Drilling)

Step.4—Drilling with a drill

Before drilling, check that your drill is spinning in the right direction. Also, make sure there are no wires or pipes directly beneath where you’re drilling. The hole’s depth should match the length of the screws that come with the thermostatic shower mixer.

Drilling with a drill
(Drilling with a drill)

Step.5—Tap Plugs Into Wall

Insert the plug into the hole you drilled and gently tap it into the wall with a screw about 2-3 mm. This helps avoid cracks during the rest of the installation process.


Step.6—Mark The End Of Pipes

Skip this step if you’re swapping out an old thermostatic mixer.

For a new system, start by installing the wall bracket and mark the plumbing, ensuring the mark extends slightly beyond the wall bracket edge by about 1-2mm.


Step.7—Use a Pipe Slice To Trim The Pipes

In this step, cut the pipe according to the markings made earlier to ensure it aligns with the edge of the wall bracket.

If you’re unsure about using the tool or confirming the length, consider making multiple short cuts until you reach the mark, which should align with the edge of the wall bracket. Making too few cuts means you only need to trim more, but making too many can be a hassle to fix.

(Use a Pipe Slice To Trim The Pipes)

Step.8—Fit The Cover And Retaining screws

Put together the remaining pieces, including the Concealing Plates and wall bracket. Use a level to make sure both spouts are even before screwing them in.

If there’s a tilt issue, you can make slight adjustments to the plumbing using Water Pump Pliers.

(Fit The Cover And Retaining screws)

Step.9—Install the Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Before you install the thermostatic bath mixer, double-check if you’ve done all the previous steps correctly. Some kits may have multiple filter washers; follow the instructions to place them in the right plumbing spots.

After putting in the thermostatic shower mixer, use a level to ensure it’s straight, and if needed, make adjustments with a wrench based on the results.

Install the Thermostatic Shower Mixer
(Install the Thermostatic Shower Mixer)

Tips: When setting up the thermostatic bath mixer, avoid using a wrench directly on the top nut to prevent scratches. Wrap a cotton cloth or toilet paper around the surface before turning the screws.

(Install the Thermostatic Shower Mixer)

Step.10—Position For The Tallest Person in Your Home

When setting up the power riser section, choose the height based on the tallest person in your home. Before installing, check that all the parts on the rod are facing the right way, then tighten them up. This will save you a lot of hassle later on.

(Install the Thermostatic Shower Mixer)


In conclusion, mastering the installation of a thermostatic bar mixer shower is a valuable skill that enhances both comfort and functionality in your bathroom.
Remember, attention to detail and careful execution are key to ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process,Also It’s worth noting that selecting the appropriate shower mixer is equally significant in this endeavor.

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