How Thermostatic Shower Mixers Save Water and Enhance Sustainability?


Water conservation is an increasingly vital consideration in our daily lives. One such area ripe for eco-friendly transformation is the bathroom, where water usage tends to be substantial.

Did you know that the average shower uses approximately 2.5 gallons of water per minute? In this context, the role of thermostatic shower mixers becomes noteworthy. Thermostatic shower mixers are not just about comfort; they’re also champions of water conservation. This blog explores how these mixers help save water, making our showers more sustainable

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How Do Thermostatic Shower Mixers Work to Save Water?

Thermostatic shower mixers save water by precisely regulating the water temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, the mixer maintains hot and cold water proportions it consistently, eliminating the need to waste water adjusting the hot and cold settings. This feature not only enhances comfort but also reduces water consumption, making thermostatic shower mixers an energy-efficient and eco-friendly choice.

How does the thermostatic shower mixers works?

Schematic diagram of the principle of thermostatic bathroom faucet

Thermostatic shower mixers regulate water temperature by managing the flow of hot and cold water. Hot water enters through one inlet, connected to the water heater, while cold water comes in from the main supply through a separate inlet. Inside the mixer, a thermostatic cartridge takes charge of temperature control. When users set their desired temperature, the cartridge adjusts the mixing proportions of hot and cold water accordingly.

How much water can I save with a thermostatic shower mixer?

On average, a person uses about 5 gallons of water per minute during a shower. With a thermostatic shower valve reducing water flow by 40%, you could save around 20 gallons per shower. For a family of four taking a daily shower each, this translates to a substantial monthly water saving of approximately 4,800 gallons.

Now, let’s delve into the financial aspect. In England, the average cost of water is £2.80 per cubic meter, and in Belfast, it’s £3.14 per cubic meter. 

Financial Savings Example

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario for a family in England:

  • Without Thermostatic Valve: Monthly water bill without thermostatic valve = 20 gallons/shower * 4 people * 30 days * 0.00454609 cubic meters/gallon * £2.80 per cubic meter.
  • With Thermostatic Valve: Monthly water bill with thermostatic valve = 4,800 gallons/month * 0.00454609 cubic meters/gallon * £2.80 per cubic meter * 0.60 (to represent 40% savings).


  • Without Thermostatic Valve: £2.80 * 20 * 4 * 30 * 0.00454609 = £121.29.
  • With Thermostatic Valve: £2.80 * 4,800 * 0.00454609 * 0.60 = £52.30.
  • Savings = £121.29 – £52.30 = £68.99.

The conservation of water during bathing has become a focal point of research and innovation within the realm of bathroom fixture manufacturing. These product range from mechanisms directly regulating water flow to those maintaining a consistent temperature while minimizing the volume required for heating. When selecting a water-saving shower mixer, consider a few key factors to ensure an informed decision:

What makes a thermostatic shower mixer the most water saving?

Water Flow Rate Controler

Water Flow Rate Controler

Thermostatic shower mixers offer precise control over water flow rates. Some models allow you to set specific flow rates, such as 8 litres per minute. This direct control over water flow might limit the experience for those who prefer high flow, but it is the most straightforward method to curtail water consumption directly. This feature enables users to customize their shower experience while being conscious of water usage, promoting both comfort and conservation.

Temperature Control Precision

Temperature Control Precision

Achieving the perfect shower temperature is simplified with thermostatic mixers, thanks to their precise temperature control. Users can set their preferred warmth, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the shower. This eliminates the need for constant adjustments, preventing unnecessary water wastage and providing a reliable and enjoyable shower experience.

Anti-Scald Technology

Thermostatic mixers often incorporate anti-scald technology, a safety feature that automatically shuts off the hot water supply in the event of a sudden cold water drop. While ensuring a safe shower experience, this technology also prevents the unintentional use of excess hot water, aligning safety with water conservation for an efficient and secure bathing environment.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Opting for thermostatic mixers constructed from eco-friendly materials is a conscious choice towards sustainability. These materials are selected and manufactured with reduced environmental impact in mind, reflecting a commitment to responsible resourcing and production practices.

Smart Features

Some thermostatic mixers integrate smart features, such as sensors that detect when the water reaches the desired temperature. This technology can automatically adjust the flow or shut off to prevent unnecessary water usage. Smart features optimize the mixer’s performance, making it an intelligent choice for users seeking enhanced efficiency and reduced environmental impact.


# How do Thermostatic Mixers Provide Instant Hot Water and Reduce Waiting Time?

The thermostatic shower mixer blends hot and cold water within the unit in advance, providing instant hot water on demand. This not only minimizes waiting time but also leads to substantial water savings, making it both a time-saver and an eco-friendly choice for your daily shower routine.

# How do thermostatic shower mixers avoid sudden changes in water temperature?

Thermostatic shower mixers use a built-in thermostat to maintain a consistent water temperature. When another bathroom device is in use, causing a change in water pressure or temperature elsewhere in the system, the thermostatic mixer quickly adjusts to maintain the pre-set temperature. This ensures a steady and safe water temperature, preventing sudden and unexpected changes during your shower.


Investing in a thermostatic shower mixer is a dual win—saving both money and water. Precise control over flow rates and temperature not only tailors your shower experience but directly reduces water consumption. Moreover, the upfront investment in quality ensures longevity, minimizing replacements and maximizing savings.

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