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Looks great, works great, Very fast delivery and well packaged, great price!

We originally paid a lot of money for Shitoria Plum bathroom but nearly everything that got put in has not lasted any length of time, from taps to towel fixtures and loo roll holders, all rubbish! The Shitoria Plum shower mixer bar started leaking (internal fault) within a few months, it was mended but the fault returned within days so I took a punt and purchased this Mixer bar online which is much less than half the price of the V Plum one and the quality is much better and up to now it is still working without fault so I am so pleased I bought it, it does what it says it does and looks great. Also excellent service and very quick delivery, thanks.


It's stylish, functional, and easy to use. The square rainfall shower is like a warm hug from the heavens, and the multi-function handheld shower is perfect for rinsing off shampoo and conditioner, or for giving yourself a quick massage. The best part about this shower set is the thermostatic valve. It keeps the water temperature perfectly consistent, no matter how many times your partner flushes the toilet or turns on the dishwasher. This is a must-have for anyone who wants to avoid getting scalded or frozen in the middle of their shower.

Excellent for the price

This shower is relatively easy to install and is set as standard 150mm centres. It is black powder coated and in parts feels a little plasticky and cheap.

There is your main rainfall shower head and a smaller handheld attachment which should ensure a good showering experience.

The temperature control appears rather accurate.Comes with everything you need to install.

Great value for money

Looks great, versatile use with both shower heads, fitting was easy and great value for money. Delivered on time etc very pleased with my purchase!

Exceptional quality, design, and look! It revived my old drab shower cabin!

This shower column brought magic and class to my small, drab shower cabin. My landlord hit a difficulty when attempting to install it because my shower cabin was not tall enough for the column.
Nonetheless, the manufacturer included a telescopic column, and my landlord managed to assemble and deliver the gorgeous new shower. Naturally, now he must change the cabin itself to get a completely new shower.The installation and assembly were straightforward and did not require more than a drill. I particularly love the small showerhead.
As I have very long hair, I wash it twice weekly instead of daily. Washing your hair daily is detrimental to the natural oils and moisturisation of the hair shaft, and I genuinely want to support my hair in being healthy and happy. The small showerhead allows me not to get my hair wet and have a thorough shower simultaneously. I am absolutely thrilled with the premium quality of the entire set, the presentation and the ahead thinking of the manufacturer.
The overall impression is of respect and solid consideration toward the consumer, mainly due to the high price tag. Nevertheless, the shower column reignited my bathroom and desire to redecorate!

Good value

Used this shower as a replacement for a panel shower, pipe fittings were quite high on wall & I found this one could be cut down to size because of the sliding height adjustment , so perfect for my application.

Excellent for the price

Bought this to replace an old shower that developed a fault.
I knew the sizes were similar as viewed in the description.
It took me 10 minutes to fit myself, the instructions were clear and precise.
The unit itself looks really good quality for the price. I like the fact that you can change the water flow on the small head and I also like the amount of flow on the deluge head.

Simple changeover but pricey

Simple changeover on this unit, it took my brother about an 10 minutes to replace the one in his caravan. It's much better looking and fits well. The price is a tad high but it adds a modern flare to the van and so far a week later is running well with no leaks but time will tell! Will report back if any issues arise.

Travel comfort with consistent heat

This mini thermostatic shower bar is a nice find. The water temperature is consistent, with the safety lock adding peace of mind. Installation was not too complicated, thankfully. It's been doing a good job in my caravan, offering comfort of a warm, reliable shower even while travelling.

Compact and Very Nicely Built

I ordered this thermostatic shower bar for a project that I'm yet to start, I needed something compact but also wanted it to look smart and have the power I required, this unit seemed to fit all of my needs.

On opening, this shower bar is a lovely looking unit in fact it looks far better upon close than any of the pictures show. The finish is a highly shiny chrome with contemporary lines and easy to use controls.

The shower bar has just two controls as there is no need for a direction supply, at the top go the bar is the thermostatic temperature control that has a safety button builtin to stop an accidental increase in hot water which could cause injury. The lower control is for increasing the water pressure and for shutting the water off once showering is finished.

Although I have yet to fit this unit it all looks pretty straight forwards, there are just two pipes to connect, one for the cold supply and the other for hot water supply. The same pipe connections are used to secure this unit to the wall using the fittings that are supplied with this shower bar. All of the fittings screw up smoothly when testing with no damaged or poorly cut threads so fitting should be a simple process but needs to be done on a stud type wall which isn't an issue if use in a caravan or RV.

This really is a lovely looking and compact unit which will work well on any stud wall.

Very good value, looks great

Amazing quality, would recommend. Love how you can push the tap backwards allowing more space. Really good value

Easy to fit

This was a replacement for existing one. My husband was ready for a problem, but he fitted it in about 10 minutes without any bother. I am impressed with the temperature control after using my old fitment and constantly having to say I was going to have a shower to avoid getting scalded or the water going cold. My husband even watered the garden while I was showering at one time and the temperature remained constant. Well impressed.

Looks good, works properly, fits the existing water supply.

I bought this item to replace a shower bar that no longer worked properly. It was easy to replace.


Quality mixer valve. Simple to install and works well. Nice modern design.

Great and very easy to install.

I have never done plumbing and this was done without any issues. Great product at a very reasonable price.

Interesting set Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Great bathroom Thermostatic Mixer Shower.Adjustable with cold hot temperature control.Pleasant and easy to use.Some elements of the product are made of plastic, still others are made of metal.All in all, it is a very good quality product.Shiny silver design.Can be cleaned with a general cleaner.I am happy with it and recommend it!Thanks for reading my review, I hope you found it helpful.XO Sue

No complaints

I literally went for the cheapest mixer shower I could find to replace a broken one in my rented flat. Really happy with this one so far, seems decent and sturdy. Really easy to fit, no issues with it at all.

Good product

I cannot fault this product , it was easy to install just turned the water off took off the faulty one put the new one on, took only about 10 minutes