A Guide to Different Types of Showers

So, you’re thinking about getting a new shower. If you haven’t decided yet, why are you here? Choosing a new shower can be tricky. There are lots of different types of showers available, including the trendy matte black showers.

Today, we’ll talk about the main types of showers:

These are the ones we’ll cover in our guide for picking the best shower for your bathroom. Of course, there are more specialized types of showers and lots of other names popping up everywhere.

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What should you consider when choosing different types of showers?

When selecting from different types of shower, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your needs and preferences. Here are some key considerations:

Different Types of Showers

Water Pressure

The strength of the water flow is known as Water Pressure. It Plays a vital role in determining the right shower type for your needs. It directly influences how different showers perform in your bathroom.

Higher water pressure is key for powerful and invigorating showers like power showers. These showers use a pump to boost water flow, resulting in a strong and revitalizing shower experience. On the flip side, electric showers are versatile since they don’t rely on water pressure; they heat water as needed, making them adaptable to various pressure conditions.

Considering thermostatic showers that mix hot and cold water, having a well-balanced pressure system is important. This ensures effective mixing and consistent water temperatures. Understanding your home’s water pressure is essential for choosing the right shower type that meets these criteria, ensuring optimal performance and a delightful showering experience.

What is Your Water Pressure?

In the United Kingdom, households typically rely on various water heating systems to provide hot water for bathing and daily use. Understanding the characteristics of these systems is essential when selecting the most suitable types of shower for your home.

Combination (Combi) Boilers

How does combi boiler working

Combi boilers are prevalent in UK homes, providing both heating and hot water. They are known for their compact size and efficiency. Showers compatible with combi boilers, such as mixer showers, are suitable for households seeking a space-saving solution that delivers a consistent and instant supply of hot water.

Gravity-Fed Systems

Gravity-Fed Systems

Many older homes in the UK have gravity-fed systems, where water relies on gravity for pressure. Electric showers are often a practical choice for these systems, as they heat water independently and do not depend on high pressure. This makes electric showers ideal for homes with varying water pressure levels.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

In many contemporary UK households, tankless water heaters are a popular choice due to their energy efficiency and on-demand hot water supply. Electric showers complement these systems seamlessly, delivering immediate and uninterrupted hot water without the necessity for a stored water reserve. This aligns with the eco-friendly preferences of households water-save emphasizing energy conservation.

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating System

As sustainability becomes more significant in the UK, an increasing number of homes are opting for solar water heating systems. Showers designed specifically for solar-heated water, such as mixer showers with thermostatic controls, are tailored to maximize the benefits of renewable energy sources.

What bathroom style do you want?

As you embark on redesigning your bathroom, selecting the right bathing equipment is crucial for setting the tone and feel of the space. Let’s explore different styles and aesthetics, each offering its own distinct charm.

Minimalist and Modern Style

Minimalist and Modern Style Bathroom

For those who prefer a clean and minimalist look, consider sleek and frameless glass showers with chrome or brushed nickel fixtures. Wall-mounted rain showerheads and linear drains can enhance the modern aesthetic, creating a spa-like atmosphere. Opt for simple, geometric shapes to maintain a streamlined appearance.

Classic and Timeless Elegance

Minimalist and Modern Style Bathroom

Individuals drawn to classic and timeless aesthetics may lean towards clawfoot or freestanding tubs, combined with traditional fixtures in polished brass or oil-rubbed bronze. Incorporate porcelain or marble tiles with intricate patterns to add a touch of vintage charm. Roll-top or slipper-style tubs can enhance the overall elegance.

Contemporary and Eclectic Vibes

Contemporary and Eclectic Vibes Bathroom

Those with a penchant for contemporary and eclectic styles can experiment with bold colors, textured tiles, and unique materials. Consider freestanding, sculptural tubs in non-traditional shapes. Mix and match contrasting elements, such as a concrete-look shower paired with vibrant mosaic tiles. Experiment with statement fixtures and unconventional designs.

Spa-Inspired Retreat

Spa-Inspired Retreat Bathroom

Create a spa-like retreat by opting for oversized, walk-in showers with natural stone or wood-inspired tiles. Incorporate features like built-in benches, multiple showerheads, and steam options. Freestanding soaking tubs can add a luxurious touch, especially when placed near large windows or in a nook surrounded by greenery for a serene ambiance.

Rustic and Cozy Atmosphere

Rustic and Cozy Atmosphere Bathroom

Achieve a rustic and cozy vibe with clawfoot or copper tubs, complemented by exposed wood beams and warm, earthy tones. Choose fixtures in antique or matte finishes, and consider a shower with a barn-style sliding door. Incorporate natural elements like stone or distressed wood for a charming, country-inspired look.

Urban and Industrial Chic

Urban and Industrial Chic Bathroom

Embrace an urban and industrial aesthetic with exposed pipes, concrete tiles, and black-framed glass enclosures. Freestanding or wall-mounted tubs in simple, geometric shapes can complement the industrial vibe. Opt for fixtures in matte black or gunmetal finishes for a contemporary edge.

The four main types of shower

Explore our selection of four indispensable types of shower, each designed with distinct mechanisms to provide both hot and cold water. These showers efficiently draw water from a tank or a comparable system, ensuring a reliable water supply for your bathing needs.

Power Shower

A Power Shower operates by incorporating a built-in pump into the system, strategically placed to boost water pressure. This pump draws both hot and cold water, creating a potent blend that results in a forceful and invigorating spray.

Power Shower

Key Advantages

  • High-Pressure Experience: Emulates a spa-like experience through its high-pressure water delivery.
  • Swift and Energizing: The dynamic combination of hot and cold water, facilitated by the integrated pump, provides users with a swift and energizing shower.
  • Therapeutic Sensation: The forceful spray not only cleanses but also offers a therapeutic massage-like sensation.

Suitable For

  1. Busy Professionals:

    • Individuals with hectic schedules who value a quick and rejuvenating shower experience.
    • Those who need an efficient and effective way to wake up and start their day.
  2. Athletes or Fitness Enthusiasts:

    • People engaged in regular physical activities seek a powerful water massage for muscle relaxation.
    • Athletes looking for a post-workout shower that provides a therapeutic and invigorating sensation.
  3. Individuals Seeking a Spa-Like Experience:

    • Those who desire the luxury of a spa-like shower in the comfort of their own home.
    • Individuals who find relaxation and revitalization through the sensation of a strong and forceful water flow.

Mixer Shower

A Mixer Shower operates by blending hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature. These showers come in various designs, offering both manual and thermostatic controls, providing users with flexibility in adjusting water temperature and flow.

Morado Thermostatic Mixer Shower
Key Advantages
  • Versatile Temperature Control: Mixer showers allow users to customize water temperature according to their preferences.
  • User-Friendly: These showers are designed for easy use, catering to individuals who appreciate simplicity in their shower routine.
  • Household Adaptability: Ideal for households with diverse preferences, as users can easily adjust the mix of hot and cold water.

Suitable For

  1. Families with Varied Preferences:

    • Ideal for households with members who have different temperature preferences.
    • Ensures flexibility in catering to the diverse needs of family members.
  2. Individuals Preferring Control:

    • Suited for individuals who prefer having control over the warmth of their shower.
    • Those who appreciate the ability to customize their shower experience.
  3. User-Friendly Showering:

    • Designed for individuals who value simplicity in their daily routine.
    • Suitable for those who want a straightforward and easy-to-use shower solution.

Electric Shower

Electric Shower

An Electric Shower functions independently, featuring a built-in heating element that rapidly heats water on demand. This standalone unit ensures that hot water is readily available, irrespective of the central hot water system in the house.

Key Advantages

  • Energy Efficiency: Electric showers are energy-efficient, heating only the water needed for the shower, contributing to cost savings.
  • Consistent Temperature: Provides a consistent water temperature throughout the shower, unaffected by other water usage in the house.
  • Reliable and On-Demand: Ideal for homes without a central hot water supply, as it offers a reliable and on-demand hot water solution.

Suitable For

  1. Homes without Central Hot Water:

    • Ideal for households lacking a central hot water system, providing an independent and efficient hot water solution.
    • Well-suited for apartments or residences where installing a centralized heating system may not be practical.
  2. Cost-Conscious Individuals:

    • Offers energy efficiency, heating only the water needed for the shower, reducing overall energy costs.
    • Suitable for individuals seeking a budget-friendly and reliable showering option.
  3. Consistent Temperature Preferences:

    • Provides a consistent water temperature throughout the shower, ensuring a reliable and comfortable bathing experience.
    • Suitable for those who prioritize a steady and predictable water temperature in their showers.

Digital Shower

Digital Showers integrate advanced technology to provide precise control over water temperature and flow. These showers often feature user-friendly interfaces, allowing users to customize their shower settings digitally. The technology ensures accuracy and consistency in delivering the desired shower experience.

Digital Shower

Key Advantages

  • Advanced Control: Offers advanced control over water temperature and flow, allowing users to set and maintain precise preferences.
  • Customization Features: Some models provide personalized settings for different users, creating a luxurious and customized shower experience.
  • High-Tech Interface: Incorporates modern technology with sleek interfaces, often including touchscreen controls for a sophisticated and user-friendly experience.

Suitable For

  1. Tech-Savvy Individuals:

    • Individuals who appreciate cutting-edge technology in their bathroom and seek a digitally enhanced shower experience.
    • Those who enjoy the convenience of advanced controls and customization features.
  2. Seekers of Luxury:

    • Individuals looking for a high-end and luxurious showering experience with personalized settings and modern design.
    • Those who value the integration of technology to elevate their daily routines.
  3. Control Enthusiasts:

    • Individuals who desire precise control over their shower, including accurate temperature adjustments and flow customization.
    • Those who enjoy the convenience of digital interfaces for an enhanced and tailored bathing experience.

How do I pick the right shower for me?

In the blog, we explored various types of showers, including Power Showers, Mixer Showers, Electric Showers, and Digital Showers. Each shower type has unique characteristics and advantages tailored to different preferences and needs. To pick the right shower for you:

  • If you enjoy a vigorous and invigorating shower, a Power Shower with high-pressure water may be ideal.
  • For those who prefer customizable water temperature, a Mixer Shower offers versatility and ease of use.
  • If you need an independent and energy-efficient solution, especially in homes without central hot water, an Electric Shower could be practical.
  • If you appreciate advanced technology and desire precise control over your shower experience, a Digital Shower with modern interfaces and customization features might be the perfect fit.

Consider your lifestyle, preferences, and specific needs to make an informed decision when selecting the right shower for your bathroom.

Common Questions About Choosing a Shower

# Can I install a Power Shower in any bathroom?

While Power Showers offer a high-pressure experience, it’s essential to consider your water system. They work best with a gravity-fed system, so compatibility with your plumbing setup is crucial.

# Can Digital Showers be retrofitted into existing bathrooms?

Yes, many Digital Showers are designed for retrofitting, making them suitable for existing bathrooms.

# What Is A Thermostatic Shower?

A thermostatic shower is a type of shower system equipped with a thermostatic valve that regulates and maintains a constant water temperature, providing a consistent and safe bathing experience. This technology prevents sudden fluctuations in water temperature, offering users comfort and protection against scalding or cold shocks during their shower.

# Are there budget-friendly options among these shower types?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options within each category. For example, basic models of Electric Showers are often cost-effective, providing a reliable and economical choice. It’s advisable to compare features and prices to find the best fit for your budget.

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